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Servers and Storage Deployment

Leibniz Technologies & Solutions will choose and acquire the right servers and storage for your organization. You need to install and provision that hardware quickly to benefit from your investment; unfortunately, setting up the systems yourself can be a costly, inefficient use of IT resources. With Leibniz Technologies & Solutions, you’ll get a wide range of server integration services, including


Remote Deployment 

Take advantage of remote deployment for new or existing servers and storage. Through a secure internet connection, we can remotely configure your new hardware to precise specifications. This service is a cost-effective and efficient way to integrate new hardware into your environment.


Standard Installation

Rely on our on-site experts to deploy and configure your hardware, and install operating systems.


Rack Integration

We can rack and cable your new server and storage products on-site or in our company prior to shipping. Your new systems will be ready for integration into your environment.